Post Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:04 am

4. What does becoming a Village Member do for me?

When you join the Pioneer Village, you are becoming part of the Village itself. We are a group who cares about preserving history and making sure that it remains for many generations to come. The Village is like a family and we all work together to preserve this little slice of living history and to engage with those people who still find this period of history fascinating. The Village members have the opportunity to become House Parents where they will be in charge of one of the cabins. This includes having the cabin open for all events and interacting with our visitors in a manner that would be accurate to the time period. We are also always in need of Village members who want to help out working around the Village. A large part of the village is the people who work on the grounds and also doing the manual labor on the buildings themselves maintaining them and repairing them.